The best submissions for the “MSK manifestations of systemic disease” interlude at ECR 2017

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Over the last couple of years, one of the last sessions at the ECR has always covered 20 interesting cases from various subspecialties, which the audience is asked to solve in an interactive way to broaden and update their knowledge.

In between, the very best submissions from the global radiological community have been presented in an interlude lecture. The best submission has always been awarded with a prize and a certificate.

Due to time limits, not all submitted cases can actually be shown onsite, but the session’s rising popularity has resulted in increasing numbers of submissions of excellent quality. This is why we would like to give our submitters the opportunity to reach a broader audience by posting the best cases here on the ESR Blog.

This year’s topic was MSK manifestations of systemic disease.

Musculoskeletal imaging accounts for a large proportion of many radiologists’ daily work. Not all patients with joint pain and swelling, muscle pain, or limited range of motion have an orthopaedic problem, but they may suffer from MSK manifestations of systemic entities. If these systemic diseases have not yet been diagnosed, our awareness of this possibility may help to recognise the underlying cause and potentially prevent further damage. We should be especially alert when there is a lack of trauma or overuse in a patient with an atypical, but persistent pain pattern presenting with uncharacteristic imaging findings. The list of systemic disorders with possible MSK manifestations is long and includes the well-known culprits, such as gout, CPPD, autoimmune disease and diabetes, as well as amyloid, acromegaly, multiple myeloma, and the lesser known like Caplan’s, POEMS and Kawasaki syndrome.

Below, we are pleased to present the best submissions for the “MSK manifestations of systemic disease” interlude at ECR 2017:

• “Pachydermoperiostosis (PDP)”
Elena Oana Arhire; Iasi/RO
(click here to view)

• “Systemic mastocytosis with diffuse bone infiltration”
Julio Brandao Guimaraes; Sao Paulo/BR
(click here to view)

• “Tuberous sclerosis”
Facundo Nahuel Diaz, Mauricio Omar Marquesini Lopez; Buenos Aires/AR
(click here to view)

• “Primary hyperparathyroidism”
Willemijn H. F. Huijgen; Den Haag/NL
(click here to view)

• “Spondyloarthropathy”
Anugayathri Jawahar, Rina Patel; Maywood, IL/US
(click here to view)

• “Juvenile dermatomyositis”
Tarun Jindal; Ann Arbor, MI/US
(click here to view)

• “Right abdominal wall postherpetic pseudohernia”
Andres Miranda-Merchak; Santiago/CL
(click here to view)

• “Langerhans cell histiocytosis”
Pedro Naime Barroso de Araujo, Marianna Nunes Boechat, Marcos Decnop Batista Pinheiro, Renato Gonçalves de Mendonça, Camila Roberta Brandt, Helcio Mendonça Pereira; Rio de Janeiro/BR
(click here to view)

• “Skull infarctions”
Velicheti Sandeep; Vijayawada/India
(click here to view)

• “Cutaneous T cell lymphoma”
Siew Swan Yeong; Singapore/SG
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