Caceres’ Corner: Case No. 41 (Update: Solution)

Dear Friends,

Since 100% of you gave correct answers in the previous case, Muppet believes you know it all and is considering retiring to a nunnery. Before he makes his final vows, he wants to show the case of a 35-year-old woman with a solitary calcified lung nodule, discovered in pre-op CT for a gastric tumour.

1. Granuloma
2. Chondroma
3. Hamartoma
4. None of the above

35-year-old woman, axial CT

35-year-old woman, coronal CT

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    Nov 2012
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    24 Responses to : Caceres’ Corner: Case No. 41 (Update: Solution)

    1. mohammed ahmed amin says:

      chondroma is the diagnosis

    2. mohammed ahmed amin says:

      pulmonary chondroma

    3. Dr J says:


    4. Dr J says:


    5. Pax says:


    6. Coroiu says:


    7. Albert says:

      I don’t see any surgical change to think of gossypiboma.
      Gastric mucinous carcinoma can give calcified mets, but not like this.
      Don’t look like a granuloma neither like a typical hamartoma.

      I would consider chondroma. Maybe the gastric tumor is a GIST? Could be associated in a Carney triad (GIST, CHONDROMA AND PARAGANGLIOMA).

      • burak says:

        If it is a GISTthen in the upper zones of the abdominal CT \the gastric wall should be extended to the upper areas .The GIST can reach very big sizes and if you consider the Carney triad ;it means that very big size of GIST .and ma be we can see a clue of GIST /but should need more information _

    8. Kelvin says:

      The gastric tumour might be a GIST…and this looks like a pulmonary chondroma. So the patient might have the Carney triad…which is most often not a triad at all, since only 2 of the 3 tumours of the triad are present.

    9. Carlo says:

      GIST in young person with Carney Syndrome (chondroma).

    10. Dr Nawaz says:


    11. ahmed magdy says:

      pulmonary chondroma

    12. burak says:

      First of all it is located at the upper zon of left lower lobe
      Second think of the calcification pattern
      3.the size of the pulmonary nodule

    13. O think that id an hamartoma Pr a condroma

    14. O think that id a codroma Pr an hamarma

    15. Condroma or an hamartoma

    16. Genchi Bari Italia says:

      La lesione polmonare ha caratteristiche di benignità:le calcificazioni sono grossolane, i limiti netti.Non c’è tessuto adiposo(escludiamo l’amartoma).Vi è un tumore gastrico:donna , giovane.E’ una forma “incompleta” ( per il momento e per…fortuna)della Triade di Carney.Sono sufficienti almeno due , dei 3 tumori, per fare diagnosi, tenendo presenti altri 2 fattori presenti nella triade:la giovane età ed il sesso femminile(80/100). Il Real in difficoltà, in Champion( il Bari in campionato:aspettiamo il ritorno!).

    17. Sumat says:


    18. Dr Hesham says:


    19. the doctor from the another world says:

      what is gist?

    20. Dr Sheetal Pote says:

      It is pulmonary chondroma with GIST- Carneys triad