ECR 2013 Rec: B. CT #E3920a #A225


A-255 B. CT

J. Vilar | Saturday, March 9, 10:30 – 12:00 / Room A

Interpretation of chest images is fraught with errors. Confusing images may occur in chest CT and conventional radiography. Understanding the cause of the error and using some “ tricks” the radiologist may overcome these situations. Three aspects that may be of useful are: Gravity, Space and Time. Gravity may help the radiologist by using simple manoeuvres such as prone or lateral decubitus. Space relates to the location of the lesion. Upper or lower lobe locations are associated with certain pathologies. Time lapse is a major factor that may influence our diagnosis. Previous studies are essential. Fast growth or reduction of a lesion usually is associated with non-neoplastic disorders. Follow-up in acutely ill patients may be of great value and well as in lesions in oncologic patients. The lecture will present cases of variable difficulty where using these simple “tricks” the diagnostic problem can be solved.

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    Mar 2014
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