ECR 2013 Rec: Can non-invasive techniques as CTA and MRA replace catheter angio for diagnostic work-up? #SF8a #A205


A-205 Can non-invasive techniques as CTA and MRA replace catheter angio for diagnostic work-up?

L. van den Hauwe, M. Voormolen, T. van der Zijden, R. Salgado, J. Van Goethem, P.M. Parizel | Saturday, March 9, 08:30 – 10:00 / Room B

Although catheter angiography remains the gold standard for cerebrovascular imaging, in recent years, it has been replaced to some extent by less-invasive techniques, such as CTA, MRA, and ultrasound. Some of these techniques allow for cerebrovascular imaging without exposure to ionizing radiation, and/or without requiring an exogenous contrast agent that could cause nephrotoxicity, allergic reaction, or other adverse effects. Moreover, all of these techniques avoid the extra time, expense, and possibility of complications that are associated with arterial catheterization. Ongoing developments in CT- and MR-based angiography continue to improve the effectiveness of these techniques, and to expand the clinical roles that they can fulfill. Nowadays, these noninvasive techniques not only provide images with high spatial resolution, but also offer time-resolved images, in which arterial and venous phases can be distinguished, and can provide selective visualization of vessels supplied by a single supplying artery. This presentation will review the latest developments in CT- and MR-based cerebral angiography, and illustrate the use of these CT- and MR-techniques in the diagnosis of cerebral aneurysms and vascular malformations.

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    Feb 2014
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