ECR 2013 Rec: Imaging of the most frequent emergencies of the genitourinary tract #A495 #RC1517


A-495 Imaging of the most frequent emergencies of the genitourinary tract

L.E. Derchi | Sunday, March 10, 16:00 – 17:30 / Room E1

This presentation will deal with three of the most common and important acute problems of the GU system: testicular and ovarian torsion and the renal colic. US is the technique of choice in patients with acute scrotum and is able to identify torsion in up to 86 % – 94 % of cases. Tips and tricks to improve diagnostic accuracy and recognize possible false negatives will be presented. Difficulties can be encountered also in identifying ovarian torsion, and the role of US, CT and MRI in this field will be addressed, stressing the need for accurate correlation of clinical and radiological findings to reach the correct diagnosis. MDCT is the gold standard examination in patients with suspected renal colics, being able to recognize presence, location and size of the obstructing stone(s) in virtually all cases, or to identify other pathologic conditions which are responsible for the patient’s symptoms. However, stone disease is frequent, recurrent and often affects patients of relatively young age; then, radiation exposure concerns have to be taken into account. Protocols using US as the first approach can solve up to 75 % of cases, reserving MDCT only for those which are undetermined after US. The US examination techniques to be used in these situations will be addressed.

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    Aug 2013
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