ECR 2015 Scientific Session Best Paper Winners – Friday


Every Scientific Session at ECR 2015 includes a vote for the best paper of the session. Below are all of the winners for Friday, March 6. Congratulations to all of the winners!

Winner: SS 1001 – B-0841 Elisa Guidi
Joint Winner: SS 1002 – B-0759 Barbara Bennani-Baiti
Joint Winner: SS 1002 – B-0767 Claudio Spick
Winner: SS 1003a – B-0792 Gert Jan Pelgrim
Winner: SS 1003b – B-0905 Thula C. Walter
Winner: SS 1004 – B-0852 Martine Remy-Jardin
Winner: SS 1008 – B-0882 Anuradha Chandramohan
Winner: SS 1009 – B-0862 Hester J. Scheffer
Joint Winner: SS 1010a – B-0801 Melissa N. Ong
Joint Winner: SS 1010a – B-0809 Anna Palmisano
Joint Winner: SS 1012 – B-0889 Marco Salsano
Joint Winner: SS 1012 – B-0895 Frederica Papadopoulou
Winner: SS 1010b – B-0916 Vasiliki Perlepe
Winner: SS 1011 – B-0818 Arturs Balodis
Winner: SS 1013 – B-0782 Marco Das
Winner: SS 1014 – B-0873 Lee R. O’Hora
Winner: SS 1015 – B-0768 Andreas Gutzeit
Winner: SS 1016 – B-0831 Salvatore Donatiello

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