IDoR 2016 Cake Competition: VOTE for the winner!


Over the last few years we have seen more and more people getting into the spirit of the International Day of Radiology (IDoR), holding parties and get-togethers around the world. In the photographs of these celebrations there is often a delicious looking cake, so this year we decided to encourage this as much as possible by launching the IDoR Cake Competition, with a grand prize of free registration for the European Congress of Radiology 2017, along with two nights hotel accommodation.

We received lots of submissions, but below is our jury’s selection of the most original and creative entries. Please vote for your favourite – the cake with the most votes at 12:00 (CET) on November 16 will be our winner!

Please note: unfortunately, two cakes had to be disqualified due to fraudulent voting.

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    48 Responses to : IDoR 2016 Cake Competition: VOTE for the winner!

    1. Santi says:


    2. Kay Perrill says:

      Susan coyle cake

    3. Zoraida says:

      La mejor torta es el del Dr Sergio Daniel Franco!

    4. Kayperrill says:

      Susan coyle cake

    5. Mary says:

      Pokemon and R-man the best!!!!!

    6. Charlotte curley says:

      I love Susan coyles MRI cake I think it’s really original and fun.

    7. Laura coylr says:

      Susan Coyle MRI cake

    8. Amel says:

      @dapurbudokter cake from radiology fkui

    9. Wisnu onadi says:

      Sukses buat radiologh

    10. Ariel says:

      torta elegante y artístico de Indonesia, me gusta

    11. yani says:


    12. yani says:

      @dapurbudokter cake

    13. ferdynand zaron says:

      @dapurbudok is the best yeaahh

    14. ferdynand zaron says:

      Vote for @dapurbudok cake from fkui is the best

    15. mary flynn says:

      I really like Susan’s cake-very original idea. I bet it tastes as good as it looks!
      Definitely my favourite.

    16. ALdi Semanta says:

      Please vote for @dapurbudokter ‘s from Indonesia

    17. Ray says:

      Susan’s cake – it’s the best!!

    18. PashA says:

      Very like Ukrainian R-Man cake! Please, vote for it!!!!

    19. Mary says:

      @k_dushkevich, we love you, your cake is cool!!!

    20. Andre says:

      Speaking honestly, all cakes are not very good… But the one where Pokémon look like at least on homemade

    21. Rita Susiana says:

      @dapurbudokter cake

    22. Rita Susiana says:

      @dappurbudokter cake

    23. Dina budiono says:

      Be the winner inshaallah….

    24. Sri muryati says:

      Is the best

    25. Sri wahjudiati says:

      Yourcake…….The best

    26. Safira says:

      Dapurbudokter cake

    27. Andrya says:

      Vote for @dapurbudokter cake……best for you….

    28. linda says:


    29. nadhien says:

      Go Indonesia…love the cake

    30. Aulia Pranandrari says:

      I really like @dapurbudokter’s cake. Not only good in look but delicious too

    31. Vonny janthy torar says:


    32. Dapurbudokter is the best

    33. Miranda says:

      @dapurbudok looks very professional… baked by doctors or baker??? Great decoration. Well done!!! Love it ❤❤❤

    34. Vonny janthy torar says:

      Nice cake,I love it

    35. hendrik widjaja says:


    36. lita says:

      Salut utk dokter yg pintar.. termasuk bikin kue

    37. dr. Aldi Semanta Sirath says:

      Vote for @dapurbudokter cake……best for you….

    38. dea says:

      weird competition ever …

    39. Adrian Picado says:

      Too bad there are disqualified cakes… This was a strange contest, next time better choose the better looking cake.

    40. yustie amelia says:

      Why cake from @dapurbudokter disqualified? The cake already spread spirit of IDoR in my country, and most popular cake in this competition.
      Why in the end of the competition , you disqualified it?

      A lot of people here ask about ESR credibility

      • ESR Office says:

        Two cakes have been disqualified due to voting fraud. We receive a lot of information about every vote that is cast, and it is clear from this data that there was cheating involved with regard to both of these entries.

    41. Rosalinda Ayamore says:

      Terms and conditions not clearly mentioned before.
      Next time, please be more truthfull. Thanks for the unclear disqualifying process.

    42. idha Cahyani says:

      Nice & delicious

    43. Superb initiative! So who is the winner then? I can of course count the votes today (22nd November) but I don’t know which cake had the most votes on November 16th? Stacy Harter’s cake?
      Could we get the permission to dedicate a page in the magazine of the Flemish Radiographer Society (if so, who to mention – of course we would mention the websites of IDoR and ESR – and who’s permission to ask)? Belgium could do with some extra promotion of IDoR (of course we promoted this on our website and facebook and with free membership for all students who registered that day). Best regards, Stephanie Bogaert, president VMBv (Flemish Radiographers Society)

      • ESR Office says:

        Yes, the winner was Stacy Harter’s. The vote closed on Nov 16, so the numbers you can see are the final standings. We will send you an email about the page in your society’s magazine – sounds great!