Who’s Who at the ESR…

Wondering who is really behind the ESR? In actual fact, it’s our members; radiologists who have proven their ability and passion for the specialty and who want to help us move forward. Each year the ESR is placed in the responsible hands of a different group of these highly dedicated and extremely experienced European radiologists.

To give you a better idea of who these people currently are and exactly what they do, we interviewed both the ESR President, Prof. András Palkó, and ECR 2012 Congress President, Prof. Lorenzo Bonomo, and we also created profiles for a selection of key characters from the ESR Executive Council. Find out more via the links below…

The General Assembly on March 7, 2011, saw the establishment of the new ESR Executive Council.

Learn which key issues the ESR President aims to address during his tenure in an ECR Today interview with Prof. András Palkó.

Find out about the ECR 2012 Congress President’s ideas and innovations for the next congress in this ECR Today interview with Prof. Lorenzo Bonomo.

Get to know the new 2nd Vice-President, Prof. Guy Frija, and the new members of the Executive Council: Prof. Valentin Sinitsyn, Prof. Lorenzo E. Derchi, Prof. Boris Brkljačić, and Prof. Jim A. Reekers.

Jun 2011