TMC Radiology Quality Award offering €10,000 prize for second time at ECR 2015


The winners of the TMC Radiology Quality Award 2014 from the Silkeborg Clinic (Denmark) with members of the jury at ECR 2014. Left to right: Lluís Donoso Bach (jury), Annette Meyer Balle, Jarl Jakobsen (jury), Rikke Aarhus, Peter Mildenberger (jury), Agnete Hedemann Nielsen, Hans Billing (jury), Susanne Skovlund Petersen, Ian McCall (jury)

The European Congress of Radiology always includes many presentations, but not many of them involve a cheque for €10,000. Last year, at ECR 2014, that was exactly what was presented to Agnete Hedemann Nielsen, Annette Meyer Balle, Susanne Skovlund Petersen and Rikke Aarhus of the Silkeborg Clinic in Denmark, winners of the inaugural TMC Radiology Quality Award.

The award, which is still open for submissions this year until December 31, is open to professional individuals or groups working in European radiology departments and is given by Telemedicine Clinic, the leading European provider of teleradiology services, to promote radiology-related quality initiatives in Europe.
With such a substantial prize on offer, last year’s award attracted some remarkable entries, but the one from Silkeborg most impressed the international jury. The Danish team introduced a process to improve the quality of diagnosis of minor stroke within their hospital, which was previously meeting national standards in 70% of cases. The systems they implemented had an immediate impact, raising that figure to 90% within two weeks and ultimately leading to reduced length of stay, reduced time of diagnosis, faster initiation of treatment, and improved diagnostic accuracy. You can read more about the winning project, as well as the second and third placed entries, here.

So, if you have been involved in a project that has had a positive impact on radiological quality, check out the submission categories and put in for the award. You have nothing to lose, but a possible €10,000 to gain!