Caceres’ Corner Case 130 (Update: Solution)


Dear Friends,

I feel we have been showing very difficult cases lately. To compensate, this week we are presenting an easy case of a 39-year-old woman, asymptomatic.

What do you see? Check the images below, leave your thoughts in the comments section and come back on Friday for the answer.

PA chest

lateral chest

Click here for the answer to case #130

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    Feb 2016
    DISCUSSION 29 Comments

    29 Responses to : Caceres’ Corner Case 130 (Update: Solution)

    1. Diogo Pinheiro says:

      Skin nodules. Accessory nipples?

    2. Mauro says:

      Aortic coarctation

    3. Guillaume Fahrni says:


    4. OmoNaija says:

      Bilateral supernumerary nipples.

    5. OmoNaija says:

      Supernumerary nipples

    6. Erika says:

      Mamas accesorias, bilaterales

    7. Md FERRER says:

      Subcutaneous nodules. Accessory nipples demonstrated in lateral view

    8. sht says:

      Tempted to say normal!

      Are there scattered punctate calcific foci?

      The two soft nodules over anterior aspects 3rd ribs are identical bilaterally.

      Is there a lower lobe collapse??? Stumbling in the dark

    9. maria says:

      Accessory nipples?

    10. sonja says:

      Acessory nipples

    11. Zafir says:

      Nipple shadows n prominent and are higher in position than normal

    12. Borsuk says:

      there are some lesions on skin. If it is a clue to diagnosis I suppose neurofibromatosis.

    13. Pasquale says:

      Accessory nipples

    14. sht says:

      Did not see any widened foramina in lateral view for nf.

      Is the tenting of l dome normal?

    15. rania says:

      bilateral accessory nipples

    16. genchi bari italia says:

      …io penso, magico professore che le due piccole “opacità”, siano dovute ad indumenti,così pure quelle micronodularità di natura metallica.a dx….

    17. Jose Caceres says:

      And now, the million-dollar question. How many nodules do you see?

    18. Nur says:

      Maybe it is a low possibility , but can they be bone lesions? All nodules are at the same level with costae

    19. Khan says:

      There are multiple nodules. Distribution is both lateral inferior chest wall close to the and in the CP angles. Even in right and left hypochondrium regions. Bilateral upper lungs zones. Right scapular region. Bilateral neck area.

    20. sht says:

      1 each overlying anterior aspects both 3rd ribs.
      1 overlying Rt scapula.
      1 anterior to upper sternum (lat view).
      1 overlying rt 9th rib.
      1-2 overlying liver.
      ?a cluster seen through stomach bubble.
      1 or 2 at the back (lat view).
      Small one above rt clavicle.

      • Jose Caceres says:

        What do you think when seeing multiple nodules, some of them outside the lungs? Still stumbling in the dark?

    21. genchi bari italia says:

      .neurofibromatosi !!!! Goal !!!!!

    22. ivan says: