Caceres’ Corner Case 172 (Update: Solution!)

Dear Friends,

Today I am showing pre-op  PA radiograph of a non-European 48-year-old woman,  with endometrial carcinoma.

What do you see?

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    Nov 2017
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    7 Responses to : Caceres’ Corner Case 172 (Update: Solution!)

    1. Mk says:

      Good morning! There are bilateral nodular opacity at lower location (I think they are the nipples). There is an increased density proyected over the supraclavicular left region, upper left lobe, over the hilum and in retrocardiac location. I would like to see the lateral view and go to see the patient and its hair…… Long pigtail?

    2. Mauro says:

      Hello. I don´t see the left mammary shadow (previous op?). There is a small bulge in the contour of the right upper mediastinum (rt aortic arch?). I can also see the density on the left, as mentioned by MK, that begins in the level of the supraclavicular soft tissues and extends down at least to the level of the hilum.

    3. Y.E. says:

      Assymetrical breast shadow, preserving both nipple opacities (anatomical asymmetry? breast conservating surgery?)
      Increased density in left apex and supraclavicular area, extending to retrocardiac/diaphragmatic location, as commented by MK.
      Ill defined nodular opacity (I can only delineate its lower margin, located lateral to the right hilum (pulmonary nodule?)

    4. ZHW says:

      left mastectomy – was the endometrial cancer linked to tamoxifen?
      hair braids simulating opacity in left supraclavcular region going to left hilum.
      Mass behind the heart on the left extending below the diaphragm – unsure. Compare with previous old CXR. ?? sequested lung vs a malignant mass. I would CT.

      • Jose Caceres says:

        The left breast is present, although flattened. The nipple is visible at the left base.
        You are right about the hair braid. It goes all the way down and simulates the retrocardiac mass. See the answer later today