Caceres’ Corner Case 173 (Update: Solution!)

Dear Friends,

Vacation is near and in the Christmas spirit I am presenting two easy cases that I saw last week. Both are pre-op chest radiographs: Case 1 an 18-year-old man and case 2 a woman aged 48.

What do you see?

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    Dec 2017
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    4 Responses to : Caceres’ Corner Case 173 (Update: Solution!)

    1. Coffee says:

      case 1:
      -There is fracture at right mid clavicle with displacement, might be non union fracture.
      -There is suspect focal bulging contour at distal part of szygoesophageal recess , possibly enlarged node, esophageal lesion such as foregut maformation.
      case 2:
      – There is suspected increaed density of the vertebra at lower thoracic spine, quasionable for ivory vertebra which could be metastasis, lymphoma, paget disease, infection such as TB

    2. Mauro says:

      In case one I can see right clavicular fracture. Also the right heart border is ill defined (pectus excavatum?).
      In case two there is right thoracic scoliosis and asymmetry of the mammary shadows, smaller on the left. I also think there is osteosclerosis of two lower thoracic vertebrae, and texture heterogeneity of two middle vertebral bodies (mets?).

    3. Lucretius says:

      Hi, professor,
      Case 1: there is a bulging of azygoesophaegal line, that could correspond to mediastinal lesion.
      Case 2: increased density of thoracic vertebras. Metastasis?

    4. Mk says:

      Good night! I am late!!
      In case one we can not see the right cardiac margin and there are a verticalizatiin of the anterior costal arcs because of pectus excavatum.
      In case two there is a scoliosis with right dorsal convexity and there is an increased density in some dorsal vertebral bodies. The right breast is bigger than the left one so I am thinking about breast cancer with vertebral mtx.