Caceres’ Corner Case 180 (Update: Solution!)

Dear Friends,

This week’s radiographs belong to a 68-year-old man with pulmonary fibrosis and dyspnoea. Check the images below and leave your thoughts in the comments section. New images will be added on Wednesday, followed by the answer on Friday.

What do you see?

Additional CT images of apex and lung bases, as promised:

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    Mar 2018
    DISCUSSION 9 Comments

    9 Responses to : Caceres’ Corner Case 180 (Update: Solution!)

    1. MK says:


      Intersticial thickening (pulmonary fibrosis) with bilateral apical caps (I think that the left one has calcification plaque).
      There is an increased opacity (alveolar appearance) on the LLL (PA and lateral x-ray), so we have to rule out malignancy.

    2. MK says:

      Peripheral thickened intersticium with peripheral honeycombing.

      In the LLL there is an anomalous pack of arterial vessels with air bubbles (probably because of bronchial comunication): Intralobar sequestration?

    3. Genchi bari says:

      ….sequestro polmonare extra lobare….da Bari, sempre….forza Barca!

    4. Anas says:

      Reticular changes subpleural
      Some honeycombing
      Some emphysematous changes
      Left basal tubular structure surrounded by fibrotic changes and some pleural thickening likely migrated fragmented catheter/tube from previous intervention
      Cardiomegally with hypertrophic left ventricle