Caceres’ Corner: Case No.4 (Update: Solution)


Dear friends,

Welcome back to Caceres’ corner.
I’m already keen on your suggestions on Case #4.

Clinical history: Pre-operative chest radiograph for ophthalmologic surgery in a 57 y. o. male

Most likely diagnosis:

1. Carcinoma of the lung
2. Unilateral hyperlucent lung
3. Pulmonary embolism
4. Giant bulla

Pre-operative chest radiograph for ophthalmologic surgery in a 57 y. o. male (PA chest)

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    Nov 2011
    DISCUSSION 22 Comments

    22 Responses to : Caceres’ Corner: Case No.4 (Update: Solution)

    1. Amutha says:

      Left loewr lobe collapse most probably due to bronchogenic carcinoma

    2. girish kulkarni says:

      – hyperlucent left lung with soft tissue density at the posterior costophrenic recesss may represent giant congenital upper lobe bulla causing compressive atelectasis of lower lobe.

      – hilum appears little prominent on lateral view. although unlikely, hilar lesion causing ball valve obstruction of upper lobe bronchus with obstructive emphysema needs consideration.

      needs CT for furthur evaluation.

    3. Ajiboye Khadija says:

      looks like a giant bulla. Wondering about the hilar prominence though!

    4. M.S.L says:


    5. Adela Montelongo Martín says:

      Carcinoma of the lung.

    6. Gotzon Iglesias says:

      Lower left lobe atelectasia due to hiliar located lung cancer

    7. Ieva says:

      There is lower displacement of left hilum, as well as “sail sign”, all suggestive of LLL atelectasis, and fro given possible DDx, I would choose carcinoma of the lung

    8. daca says:

      Giant bulla!

    9. Resis VHEBRON says:

      1. Carcinoma of the lung

    10. aca says:

      Nice case,very interesting…facts:
      Atelectasis cousing elevation of the left diaphragm and dislocation of the mediastinal structures ipsylateraly-there is no signs of any of it.
      Left hemihorax is evidently hiperlucent.
      No signs of any compresion of the vascular structures causing by bulla.
      Left hila is in litlle beat cranial position,and left mean bronchus is more verticaly oriented.
      Right hila is more vascular then left.
      Paravertebral shadowing on the left-meaning pathology in azygooesophageal recess which is widened?
      Verry nice,enough facts for MSCT 🙂

    11. Katerina says:

      LLL atelectasis
      Most probable diagnosis : carcinoma of the lung

    12. aleksandar isakovic says:

      Well,Mr.Prof. my final decision is hiperlucent left lung,but there is some signs of three others DDx. in it

    13. Nuria says:

      LLL colapse signs lead me to choose carcinoma of the lung as the most suitable diagnosis.

    14. Dheeraj says:

      Giant bulla!

    15. rumin says:

      pulmonary embolism