Caceres’s Corner Case 67 (Update: Solution)


Dear Friends,

After spending a long weekend with Miss Piggy, Muppet is at peace with the world and has chosen an easy case: 41-year-old male with cough, mild fever and left chest pain.


1. Pneumonia
2. Infected bronchiectasis
3. Pulmonary infarction
4. None of the above

41-year-old male, PA chest

41-year-old male, PA chest

41-year-old male, lateral chest

41-year-old male, lateral chest

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    May 2013
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    13 Responses to : Caceres’s Corner Case 67 (Update: Solution)

    1. ana maria says:

      Pneumonia: lower lobe consolidation behind the heart, silhoutte sign.

    2. Dimitrova says:

      .Окръглено пневмонично огнище в областта на лява белодробна основа, с ангажиране на диафрагмалната плевра-Pleuropneumonia sin.Incl.-Bronchitis chr.Bronchiectasiae bill..

      • Jose Caceres says:

        Google translates as: Rounded pneumonic outbreak in the left lung base, with involvement of diaphragmatic pleura. I take you vote for number 1.

    3. Georgia says:

      Πύκνωση στο οπίσθιο κάτω αριστερό πνευμονικό πεδίο συμβατή με πνευμονία (pneumonia) η βρογχογενές καρκίνωμα ( Ca)

      • Jose Caceres says:

        Google traslation: Thickening at the rear lower left lung field consistent with pneumonia (pneumonia) the bronchial carcinoma (Ca)

    4. Μαρία says:

      Left lower lobe consolidation-mass with left hilum shift downwards. Lung carcinoma is a possibility.

    5. Petite says:

      2. Infected bronchiectasis “Gloved finger” sign?

    6. ashraf abohadeed says:

      2. Infected bronchiectasis

    7. genchi bari italia says:

      Opacità a “dito di guanto” a carico dei segmenti basali laterali e posteriori del LLL , da” mucoid-impact” , per brochiectasie cilindriche, frammiste ad immagini bronchiolo-alveolari( non vi è iperinsufflazione del territorio polmonare circostante:non atresia bronchiale).Regola KISS. Il Bari e’ Salvo dalla serie C.

      • Jose Caceres says:

        KISS rule is useful when you take all the findings into account. Did you look at the hilum?
        Congratulations about Bari!

    8. Dr ashrafabohadeed says:

      Chest x ray frontal nd ael view .
      An irregular branchng opacity is seen at left lower lobe associAted with non homogenous air dpace acification silhouetting left medial hemidiaphragm , with increased density over the lower thoracic spine , no pleural. Effusion , so it is sugestive of inflammatory process , infected bronchiectasis .

    9. genchi bari italia says:

      Ripartiamo: le opacità a “dito di guanto” rappresenterebbero sempre “mucoid-impact” mentre l’addensamento disomogeneo circostante potrebbe andare per una polmonite “ostruttiva”, il che spiegherebbe la posizione anomala dell’ilo come da processo produttivo endobronchiale.