Dr. Pepe’s Diploma Casebook: Case 31 – SOLVED!


Dear Friends,

This week I am presenting a lateral radiograph of the cervical spine in a 45-year-old man with cervical pain and an acute spinal cord lesion after a hang gliding accident.

1. Flexion lesion
2. Extension lesion
3. Burst lesion
4. None of the above

45-year-old man, lateral radiograph of cervical spine

45-year-old man, lateral radiograph of cervical spine

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    12 Responses to : Dr. Pepe’s Diploma Casebook: Case 31 – SOLVED!

    1. Maria says:

      Locked facets

    2. maria says:

      we don’t see C7. repeat of the x-ray?

    3. Ricardo Macareno says:

      None of the above.

    4. Claire Compos says:

      1. Flexion injury (Consistant with hitting the ground with force while prone) – compressed C7 and luxated facets of C5/6

    5. Yp says:

      Chance fracture due to hyperflexion

    6. vijay kumar ichpujani says:

      C6 psterior elemnts disruption due to hyperflexion

    7. vaggoul says:

      Although the C7 is not adequate visible, we can see a widening of the intervertebral space on C6-C7 anteriorly but not posteriorly. There is misalignment of the CS column at both anterior and posterior vertebral line. There is not obvious fracture in the posterior elements of the vertebrae. Hyperextension injury at the level C6-C7.

    8. genchi bari italia says:

      Vi è un chiaro non-allineamento della linea vertebrale “anteriore” a livello di C7; vi è inoltre un aumento dello spessore dei tessuti molli prevertebrali a tale livello ( superiore ad un corpo vertebrale).La radiografia è inoltre incompleta perchè essa, in caso di trauma , deve comprendere anche la giunzione C7-D1.Quindi lesione ligamentosa e-o tramatica a questo livello , da definire con tac.Ricordarsi dell’acronimo: AABDT(Adeguata rx-Allineati bordi ossei-Disco-Tessuti molli prevertebrali).

    9. petroff7306 says:

      Hyperextension injury at the C6, posterior CS columnq processus spinosus

    10. bujar says:

      flexion lesion.fractura lamine vert.C6 with anterior sublux.