ECR 2014: Optical Illusions – Do you see what i see


In the build up to ECR 2014, we will be showcasing a few of the optical illusions cases which will be presented in the interlude of ECR 2014’s new Case-based Diagnosis Training session. Our first case, below, was submitted by Dutch neuroradiologist, Dr. A. A. Jacobi-Postma. The picture shows a patient with a non-functioning macro-adenoma, but it looks a little like something else.

What do you see? Leave your illusion interpretation as a comment.


Stop by the session at the congress on Monday, March 10, or come back to the blog in a few days to see if your interpretation matches Dr. Jacobi-Postma’s.


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    Feb 2014
    DISCUSSION 5 Comments

    5 Responses to : ECR 2014: Optical Illusions – Do you see what i see

    1. Cristina says:

      Iron man

    2. Claire says:


    3. Adriana Călin says:

      A dog with a collar?

    4. Dinesh Maharjan says:

      Snake/frog/turtle with open mouth.

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