ECR Hotel Focus: from the congress to bed and back

The ARCOTEL Kaiserwasser is our top tip for delegates looking for an easy commute to the ECR. ©ARCOTEL Hotels & Resorts GmbH / Fotograf: Wolf-Peter Steinheißer

As ECR 2012 gradually draws nearer we’re carrying on with a close look at some of the hotels available through the ESR Travel Service booking platform, to find some of Vienna’s accommodation highlights. We’ve already given you the lowdown on the cheap-but-stylish Motel One, and now here’s one for those who like to keep their journey time to a minimum… the Hotel Kaiserwasser.

Ah, Vienna, Vienna! Its blue Danube, its architectural wonders, its delicious gastronomy, its wide range of cultural opportunities, and its glorious past haunting every street… What, you’ve heard it all before? Seen it all before? Tasted it all before? You don’t need to have been attending the ECR for the past two decades to know the Austrian capital like your own pocket. It just happens to be one of the most visited cities in the world. And, let’s admit it, it is not the biggest.

So you might feel that after a long, exciting – not to say exhausting – congress day, all you want to do is drop dead in bed. Or you might have understood the value of reducing your commute to the Austria Center Vienna, the venue for the ECR, wisely aware that winter here still bites pretty hard in March (yes, it can snow until April, and yes, it has already started…). There are probably plenty of other good reasons to want a close location, but one thing is for certain: all of them are very good.

OK. Does this mean that you have to pitch your tent in the Austria Center? Of course not, because our choice for you today is the perfectly located ARCOTEL Kaiserwasser, just down the road from the ACV.

The Kaiserwasser is just minutes from the congress venue, but in surprisingly green surroundings. ©ARCOTEL Hotels & Resorts GmbH / Fotograf: Wolf-Peter Steinheißer

This all-comfort 4-star hotel has 282 rooms, suites and apartments to offer, as well as a restaurant and bar, and an executive floor with a dedicated reception and lounge. Prices for a room range from €65 to €109.

The hotel offers rooms to suit a variety of tastes and budgets. ©ARCOTEL Hotels & Resorts GmbH / Fotograf: Wolf-Peter Steinheißer

For those greatly in need of relaxation, the hotel offers a spa, and for anyone looking to relieve their conscience and do some exercise, a gym is also available. Or you might simply take the underground from the station located five minutes away and venture a little through this wonderful city…

If the Kaiserwasser sounds right for you, just drop an email to [email protected], or browse the whole range of accommodation options on our dedicated platform:

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    Dec 2011
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