It’s Spring all year for the ESR

If you’ve visited the ESR website in the last couple of months you may well have been greeted by a short but graceful animation of floating flowers and fruit, accompanied by the sounds of birdsong and a glimpse of lilting accordian music. This little clip has been put together as a ‘teaser movie’ for ECR 2012, and the more observant among you may even have noticed the visual connection with the ECR 2012 poster, which uses Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s painting Spring (a figure composed entirely of seasonal vegetation) placed back-to-back with a ‘radiographic’ mirror image. This teaser movie takes individual elements of the original painting to make an airy collage that hints at the poster and hopefully conjures up a slightly more conventional springtime atmosphere than Arcimboldo’s nonetheless fascinating creation!

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    Jun 2011
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