ECR on Demand Preview: RECIST criteria #CC718 #A-187


CC 718 – Imaging after systemic therapies: the standards, A-187 A. RECIST criteria (Y. Menu)

A short preview of lecture CC 718 ‘Imaging after systemic therapies: the standards’, from the session A-187 ‘A. RECIST criteria’ at ECR 2014, given by Y. Menu from Paris, France.

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Friday, March 7, 16:00 – 17:30 / Room Conf. Room M3


The routine practice of oncologic imaging requires standardisation, which means that we need to harmonise technical protocols and agree on the meaning of selected words for the radiological report. The words “Response, “Progression” and “Stable disease” are precisely defined according to internationally accepted thresholds and criteria. Although the rules are quite simple and rather easy to apply, they are very efficient in the classification of the response to treatment, and therefore for the medical decisions. However, the role of the radiologist is not limited to measurements and calculation. The detection of new lesions may be challenging and requires experience. The differential between cancer progression and complications of the treatment might be very difficult and requires an adequate communication with the referring clinician. Overall, most of the decisions taken by the clinician will be related to imaging results, stressing the importance of adequate protocols and reports.

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    Sep 2014
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