José Vilar and Friends Case 14 (Update: Solution!)

Hello everybody,

how was your summer? My summer was great and I am ready to present some fresh cases!

Just to warm you up, here is a case recently shown to me in Hospital Dr Peset.

This is a 38 year old male with upper respiratory symptoms.

Let us see what you think…


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    Sep 2019
    DISCUSSION 8 Comments

    8 Responses to : José Vilar and Friends Case 14 (Update: Solution!)

    1. Mawmaw oo says:

      Azygous lobe consolidation

    2. Kalirajan Kalidos says:

      Cavitating lesion in right upper lobe.
      A nodular lesion in right lower zone.
      A few small cavitating lesions in both lungs.

      My first possibility could be septic emboli.(? History of fever / history of any infective focus) Differential 1. Rheumatoid nodule with cavitation, 2. cavitating metastasis from squamous primary.

    3. José Vilar says:

      This patient had long standing upper respiratory symptoms, with sinusitis.

    4. Éric Wafflart says:

      Perhaps, histoplasmosis ?

    5. Éric Wafflart says:

      Wegener disease

    6. S says:

      Multiple cavitating lung nodules with history of sinusitis would be suspicious for granulomatosis with polyangiitis (Wegener’s).

    7. pavlos says:

      Wegener’s granulomatosis (cavitating lesions, sinusitis, RT hilar lympadenopathy?)
      Correlation with c-ANCA level