José Vilar and Friends Case 16 (Update: Solution!)

Hello Friends,
let us see a case that involves a portable chest radiograph, which usually carries additional difficulties to the interpretation.

This is a 55 year old patient and the AP radiograph was performed as a control after a pacemaker placement.

Let me see your comments…

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    Oct 2019
    DISCUSSION 7 Comments

    7 Responses to : José Vilar and Friends Case 16 (Update: Solution!)

    1. Fingers crossed says:

      Pneumothorax in the left lower region?
      Shorter electrode in SCV instead of right atrium?
      Besides the increased vascular markings, enlarged heart etc.

    2. Anas says:

      Upper mediastinal mass

    3. Upper mediastinal mass (right side)
      There s a paravertebral opacity on the left side, it cold be aortic pathology

    4. Double M says:

      Mass in right upper zone

    5. Ridwan Fauzi says:

      why the photo can occur?

    6. low iq says:

      RV perforation plus pericardial effusion?

    7. Fingers crossed says:

      I feel good!
      And I’m a he!