José Vilar and Friends Case 21 (Update: Solution!)

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After case 20 (Tracheobronchomegaly) that was very well interpreted by those who dared to send a diagnosis, here is another challenge.

Preoperatory chest radiographic study. No significant clinical symptoms.


Additional information:

Ok friends, some of you mentioned situs inversus, so I am adding some more data to see if you can define better the findings.



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    Jan 2020
    DISCUSSION 9 Comments

    9 Responses to : José Vilar and Friends Case 21 (Update: Solution!)

    1. Issam Boukrab says:

      Situs inversus with levocardia

    2. Astrid Ayala says:

      Situs inversus and levocardia

    3. Yousra sultan says:

      Air bubble under the right copula; possibly gastric air bubble in situs inversus,
      However the right copula is higher than the left; so i might think of Chiladiti sign.

    4. Pppp says:

      Chilaiditi syndrome

    5. Shane Leavesley says:

      Air underneath the right hemidiaphragm raising suspicion of a gas forming hepatic abscess.

    6. Pppp says:

      Situs ambiguous

    7. Pppp says:

      Left isomerism

    8. Iffat Rehman says:

      Heterotaxy syndrome
      Abdominal situs inversus with bilateral bilobed lungs

    9. evelyn says:

      levocardia and bubble in lung