José Vilar and Friends Case 22 (Update: Solution!)

Dear Friends,

After a complicated case (Case 21: Heterotaxia) here is more straightforward one.

A young man with breathing difficulty when doing physical activity.

Let’s see what you think!

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    Jan 2020
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    13 Responses to : José Vilar and Friends Case 22 (Update: Solution!)

    1. Daniela says:

      Mitral valve disease

    2. Dr.Mona Alkaphoury says:

      plain radiograph of the chest revealed:
      – increased cardiothoracic ratio with left ventricular configuration,showing mitralized left cardiac border, denoting left atrial enlargement.
      – prominent right cardiac border, consistent with right atrial enlargement
      – bilateral prominent central and basal bronchopulmonary vasculature with increased vessel number(plethora), mostly represent shunt vascularity..
      – clear lung shadow with no definite nodule or consolidative patches.

      picture could suggest underlying congenital heart disease, mostly shunt pathology for echocardiographic assessment

    3. Dr Ahmad Al ani says:

      Pectus excavatum

    4. faysal says:

      left forward shift of the mediastinum with blurring of right heart borders pectus excavatum

    5. Wagdy says:

      Pectus excavatum

    6. Jalal Albazaz says:

      Looks like pectus excavatum

    7. Pppp says:

      Blurring of right heart border as well as horizontal posterior ribs and vertical anterior ribs.
      Could be pectus excavatum

    8. Maged Shaban says:

      Pectus excavatum, evident by:
      – blurring of right heart border
      – horizontal posterior and vertical
      anterior ribs (7 & inverted 7 shape)
      – displacement of Cardiac shadow
      towards the left

    9. ibrahim chouchane says:

      Pectus excavatum

    10. Pppp says:

      Purmonary trunk seems enlanged, finding compatible with pecuts excavatum.
      Physical appearance information is warranted

    11. ELM says:

      Partial pericadial agenesia

    12. Elnaz k says:

      Pectus excavatum