José Vilar and Friends Case 8 (Update: Solution!)

Hello friends,

this is a case of a patient with chronic disease.
I am showing you two CT images and, as usual, hope to read your comments.

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    Apr 2019
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    11 Responses to : José Vilar and Friends Case 8 (Update: Solution!)

    1. Myint soe says:

      Ap diameter ofchest increased – COPD with bronchiectasis changes

    2. Mirjam says:

      Diffuse sclerotic bone and mediastinal lymphnodes. I think about lymphoma or leukemia. Unsure

    3. Guillermo G. Galarraga says:

      Hipeevascular mediastinal adenopaty with sclerotic Bonet lesiones, I thick about Castleman disease

    4. Fahd Hamid Khan says:

      B/L honeycombing, increased AP diameter of the chest with dilated airways B/L, most likely representing bronchiectasis. On the lateral view, can’t help but noticing lesions at multiple vertebral levels. Mets?

    5. José Vilar says:

      Guillermo is partly right but why should this patient have the bone findings?

    6. Ahmadi Mourad says:

      i would say parathyroid mediastinal mass with osseous hyperparathyroidien signs (excuse my bad english).

    7. MK says:

      Has the patient have chronic renal failure? (osteodystrophy)

    8. Ali says:

      Mediastinal lymphadenopathy..

    9. Yul says:


    10. Saly Adel says:

      Thanks for sharing this intersting case, is the patient had sestamibi test, becuase i think it is very difficult to call it only by CT.