Caceres’ Corner: Case No.1 (Update: Solution)

Meet Professor Jose Caceres and his Muppet

Meet Professor Jose Caceres and his Muppet

Dear friends, welcome to Caceres’ Corner. The objective of this post is to remember basic principles of chest imaging, with the emphasis on conventional radiography. Interpreting a chest radiograph is becoming a lost art and I would like to slow this tendency by reviewing the current approach to chest x-ray.

Nowadays, the initial question when facing a chest radiograph should be: “is there any abnormality present? And, if so, should we do any additional examination?” (CT in the great majority of cases).

With this approach in mind, let’s start with a sample case:  62 year old male with liver cirrhosis and upper gastrointestinal bleeding. No other symptoms. History of pulmonary tuberculosis 20 years ago.

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Sep 2011
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