Swiss prepare to unveil connection between chocolate and radiology

by Viviene Raper

How to create hand-made chocolate masterpieces isn’t your usual radiology talk but, in tomorrow’s session, radiologists with a sweet tooth can learn all about truffle making and other confectionery arts from a leading Swiss chocolatier – interspersed with more conventional talks about radiology in Switzerland.

Andreas Trumpler, managing director marketing and group CMO at Läderach chocolatier suisse, will be giving two short presentations about how Swiss chocolate is transformed from cacao bean to chocolate, and then into a hand-made masterpiece. The company employs more than 800 people and since 1962, it has established a reputation for chocolate and confectionery specialties. Läderach’s products are sold throughout Switzerland and Germany, as well as by partners in the Middle East and Asia, and it supplies the top end of the gastronomy and hotel industry with semi-finished and finished products.

Fresh Chocolate with almonds from Läderach chocolatier suisse: the original view.

The connection between Swiss chocolate and Swiss radiology is one of quality, according to Prof. Dr. Dominik Weishaupt, who has been President of the Swiss Society of Radiology (SGR-SSR) since 2016 and is chairing tomorrow’s session.

“Over the 100 years of the Society’s history, we have undertaken several initiatives to improve the quality of Swiss radiology. And chocolate is considered as one of the highest quality products manufactured in Switzerland,” he noted.

Weishaupt, who is chief physician in the Institute of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine at City Hospital Zurich, explained that Swiss chocolate needs precision manufacturing, and Swiss radiology also prides itself on its attention to detail. He said that the SGR-SSR was the first medical society to introduce board exams, as well as clinical audits for radiology departments in the private and public sector, which they developed in close collaboration with the Ministry of Health. Read more…

ESR Abroad at Home: World Congress of Ultrasound, Vienna/Austria

The WFUMB technical exhibition

The WFUMB technical exhibition

This time we didn’t have to travel very far for another episode of our congress coverage, just a couple of stops on the underground and we found ourselves once more at the Austria Center Vienna (ACV), every ESR employee’s second home. But this time there was a difference, 35 degrees outside and the danger of getting sunburn while walking from the underground station to the ACV. So, this is clearly not a story about the ECR, which always takes place in rather more temperate March (and also will take place in March 2012). No, this time nearly the whole ESR staff came to the Austria Center to participate in and help to set up a unique event that has never happened before and will never take place in this form again; the world congress of ultrasound (WFUMB) in conjunction with the EUROSON (congress of the EFSUMB) and the ‘Dreiländertreffen’ (three-country meeting) of Austria, Germany and Switzerland’s ultrasound societies (ÖGUM, DEGUM, SGUM), all held together on 26–29 August, 2011.

One of the big advantages of having our main congress in March is that the ACV is much more comfortable in the cooler times of the year because for some reason it’s easier to heat the building up than to cool it down. On the second day of the congress a big thunderstorm hit Vienna which, besides a lot of rain, brought a welcome drop in temperature. But enough about the weather, after all, our participants came for the congress and its scientific highlights.

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Sep 2011